Sunday, June 18, 2006


My grandfather passed away at 5:45 this evening. It's June 18th, 2006. It's also Father's Day and my mom's 43rd birthday. Someone has a twisted sense of fucked up humor.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm speechless...

Spoilers!!!!!! I just saw the movie Hostel with Dom and I am speechless. First of all, I consider myself a pretty big horror movie fan. I watch everything I can get my hands on, from classics like Halloween, to the new stuff, like The Ring or The Grudge, to Japanese horror movies. If it's in the horror section of Blockbuster, I've probably seen it. Second, I loved Saw. So when I saw the trailer for Hostel, I automatically wanted to see it, assuming it would be similar to Saw. Nope. In my opinion, Hostel was one of the worst fucking movies I have ever seen. It was crap, pure fucking crap. I went on IMDB to see the rating and I was shocked that it was a 5.8. I consider a 5-6 to be pretty average. Not something you'd watch over and over, but something good enough to pass the time with if you're bored and nothing else is on.I would not watch this movie again if you paid me. I didn't even flinch when I watched Saw or it's sequel. I have a pretty strong stomach for any kind of violence, as long as it doesn't involve animals or children. But watching Hostel was like watching a softcore porn that someone accidentally taped over with a snuff film. The first part of the movie was softcore porn. A bunch of horny guys trying to get laid in Amsterdam. Then suddenly, torture. Body parts being drilled through, cut off, blow torched. I had my hands over my face half the time. I couldn't stomach it, especially the achilles heel and blow-torch part. The best part of the movie for me was the ending credits. I'm honestly so disturbed, I'm having trouble forming coherent thoughts and sentences. So here's my breakdown of the movie:

First Part: Softcore porn with some humor
Second Part: TORTURE
Third Part: Escape.
Fourth Part: Understandable suicide.
Fifth Part: Revenge
Sixth Part: Credits - my favorite part of this whole movie.

I'm honestly sick to my stomach. The screams in that movie were horrifyingly real. I can't think about this any longer. i ahve to see something funny, cuddly, or cute right now to get the images out of my head. I'm probably gonna read a bit of my romance novel. I can't fucking believe people actually liked that movie...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Alright, no more eating before bed!

Okay, I've been having some really crazy dreams lately, mostly about babies. The night before last, I had a dream that I was a nanny and my job was to take care of a set of twins. The mother of the kids owned this insanely large house and her rule was that I could never ever put the babies down or go to the third floor. So I'm running around with two babies in my arm and I go down this huge grand staircase to the bottom floor, and I find a dead body in front of big stained-glass windows. So I run back up the staircase, babies in tow, only to realize that the second floor is gone and only the third floor is left. So I sit down on the stairs and somehow, I find myself watching Munch and Fin from SVU asking an informant for the murderers address. Munch says a racial slur and the informant gives him the address, after punching him in the face. The next thing I knnow, I'm back on the staircase with the babies and the detectives are doing forensic testing on the dead guy. I woke up, very confused. Then last night, I dreamed that I had a baby, a beautiful little girl with big blue eyes. I didn't know anything about taking care of her, so I had to keep asking my mom how to feed her, bathe her etc. I was also in college and I kept dragging my baby with me. Sometime during my dream, I realized that I had to feed her, but I still had one class left. So I headed off to the class so I could ask the teacher if I could go feed her. To get to the classroom, I had to crawl through this tunnel, dragging the baby in her chair thing behind me. We come out in this grassy area and there's a big ass lion there. He says to me, "Buenos días, Megan." I explain that I have to feed my baby and he says alright and gives me a rattle to give to her. Then tells me that the spanish word for baby is chulo. So I'm at the bus stop, flirting with this guy and telling him about my daughter. I tell him that she has the biggest blue eyes, and he smiles and asks if they are bigger than his. A cab pulls up and I realize that I forgot my baby so I go running to find her, screaming that I'm the worst mother in the world. Okaaaay. What the fuck was that?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why the hell

do parents insist on lying to their kids? Why? There is nothing to gain and 9 times out of 10, you'll get caught. Okay, let me back up. Our landlord is a cheap piece of shit with a bad temper. Our apartment is falling apart and he flies into a rage whenever someone tells him something is broken. So we've learned to deal with the crappy plumbing. But two days ago, I noticed that the oven door was making a screeching noise. I informed my father who tried to close it completely and it wouldn't. The damn thing won't close all the way and it opens so far, it almost hits the floor. I asked my mom to call the landlord and we got into an argument because heaven forbid she should open her fucking mouth. So I said fuck it and walked away from her. Then, yesterday, the burners wouldn't work. Then they worked again. Then they wouldn't work. It's very irritating, and potentially dangerous, since when they don't work, the smell of gas gets incredibly strong. And since the oven door won't close, theknobs that turn the burners on and off are melting and smell so horrible, I get lightheaded when I'm in there. So, she told me she called the landlord and he will be here on Sunday so Dom and I have to stay in our room. Well, today is Sunday so when I asked my mom when the landlord is coming, she told me he said he was going awa for the weekend and would come by when he got back, sometime today. And she said if he doesn't come by today, she'll call him tomorrow. Which leads me to believe that she's full of shit and probably lied about calling the landlord. She lies about everything. I love my mother, but she is the most manipulative dishonest woman I've ever know. I feel like just grabbing her and shaking her, screaming, "Goddamn it, woman, stop fucking changing your story, get off your fucking ass, and call the damn landlord!" So I'm in my room fuming while she's out there thinking everything is just fucking dandy. I hope I get the letter from college saying I'm accepted. This way, if I am, I know that within the next few years, I'll graduate, get a good job as a nurse, and be able to afford moving out. If I'm rejected, then I have nothing left to lose and I'll just have to get a crap job, that will hopefully allow me to make enough money to move out. Honestly, parents, why do you lie to your children? Or is this just something unique to my mother? Now I'm going to go calm down.

Friday, May 19, 2006


I've been sleeping so much lately!! And no matter how much rest I get, I'm still tired. Ugh, I hope this stops soon. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and woke up at nine this morning and I'm still exhausted. Anyway, Dom gave me money to get my hair cut for our anniversary, which I was ecstatic about. Then today a huge package arrived for me. His real present to me was a new computer monitor! I'm practically blind without glasses and the glare from the monitor hurts my eyes when I wear them, so I usually wind up squinting a lot. My old monitor was like 15 inches and the new one is 17. It's surprising what two inches can do! When I asked him why he gave me two presents, he explained that he had ordered the monitor last week and it was supposed to arrive on the 17th but it was delayed. So he gave me money for a haircut. I offered the money back, but he said to keep it. *grins* I'm happy!! And now I was inspired to do this from another random blog I stumbled upon.

Five Things No One Knows About Me

1. I think Clark Gable is one of the sexiest actors ever.
2. I want more than anything to re-learn Spanish, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to. (My biological father was Spanish, so I could speak it with him pretty fluently. My mom didn't like the fact that she couldn't understand me, so my dad and I just started speaking english and I eventually forgot.)
3. I'm absolutely terrified of complete silence. I need to have something pretty loud on in order to sleep at night. Dom just thinks I'm weird. (A fan works well when I'm at home, but if I'm at a hotel or something, I need the tv on.)
4.) As much as I like having the freedom to do almost anything a man can, I'd still secretly love to travel back in time to a point where the men were dominant and the women wore petticoats and crap. I love reading about it and something about time periods like that seems so... appealing. I'd probably punch the first guy who was condescending to me in the balls, but still, it'd be interesting to visit.
5.) Even two years after moving out of my old town, I still get shaky and upset when I think about it. It's incredibly difficult for me to go there by myself and as soon as I get home from there, I always run into the bathroom and break down and cry for like twenty minutes. It's honestly that hard for me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Two Years

It's Dom and my two year anniversary. Happy anniversary to us!!

And I know this sounds very teen-queenish, but if anyone reads this and can help vote for One Tree Hill here I''ll love you forever. Thanks.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Damn bloodsuckers...

Today was productive. Dom and I went to the college I'm applying to, filled out the application, paid theapplication fee, and went to the doctor to get my immunizations. I thought I was gonna get a needle in my ass to protect me from the measles or something. Nope, I needed a blood test to see if I've already had all my immunizations. Now, if you know me, you knowI hate doctors. I hate them. Not personally, of course, because my doctor is awesome and I love her. She's cute and funny. Anyway, what I hate most about doctors is how fucking needle happy they are. "You have a headache? Here, have a needle!" "Gunshot wound? No problem, I'll stick a needle in it!" I hate needles. Which is funny, because I had no problem getting my tattoo. (Butterfly on my left shoulder.) I suppose I just hate getting needles at the doctors office. Because there are three types of people who give needles.

Type A: The kind of nurse who has seen too many people cry about needles and just doesn't have the energy to pretend to be sympathetic anymore. These are the most common. Penny on the common.

Type B: The kind of nurse who really does feel bad about causing you pain and often offers water, candy, or just a few womforting words when she/he sees how upset you are. I was lucky and had one of these today. They are very rare. Finding $1,000 on the ground rare.

Type C: The kind of nurse who acts as though you slept with her boyfriend. They show no sympathy, and are usually very rude or rough. These are somewhere between dandelions and the $1,000. Kind of like dollars. Only much less pleasant.

Anyway, the only thing worse than getting a needle, is when the doctor tells you they need to draw blood. I'm twenty freaking years old and I still cry, shake, and occasionally throw up when faced with a blood test. Broken arm? No problem! Fractured knee-cap? Whatever! I need a bloodtest and I'm curled up in a corner trying to find my happy place. So I dragged Dom into the lab with me to get my blood drawn. I basically tried to kill him, but he was very supportive anyway. I got a Garfield band-aid for my troubles though. So after a stop at the grocery store, Dom and I got back. I peeled off my band-aid to see the ugly ass bruise I always get. I showed it to Dom expecting sympathy. Instead, he said and I quote: "Crazy ass white people, changing colors." My boyfriend, ladies and gentlemen. *rolls eyes*